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Multiply the reach of your social media with our solutions: social TVs, social media walls, widgets, chats, contests and polls that will increase engagement in your social media and grow your business.
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Willing to boost your social media?

Are you worried about how to improve your social media presence? If your social media doesn't work and you want to grow your business using Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube, we have effective solutions and services for you.
Join hundreds of businesses and events that are already making the most out of their social media.

Display tweetsbasic

Displaying Twitter tweets on your screens is the simplest and most effective way of catching audience's attention and increasing by up to 80% conversations and interactions.

Our solution has filters for banned words and black and white lists policies to ensure that messages displayed comply with your brand's protection criteria.
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Display Twitter tweets on screens

Show picturesbasic

In these #selfie days, a picture is worth much more than a thousand words. That's why our solution also allows to display Twitter and Instagram photos on your screens.

Besides, your can also show your own images by simply creating new Facebook albums: add pictures to your screens from any device with no additional efforts.
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Display social media photos on screens

Play videosbasic

Video creation with smartphones is an unstoppable trend, why not displaying them on screens? Record and display your own Instagram videos or select videos created by the audience.

You can also choose and play videos from your YouTube channel on your screens.
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Reproduce social media videos on screens

More than 5,000 Yarr TVs created in more than 20 countries worldwide

Our customers have displayed so far 15,000,000+ Twitter tweets, pictures, GIFs and videos, 8,000,000+ Instagram pictures and videos, 5,000,000+ Facebook photos and 1,000,000+ YouTube videos on their Yarr TVs.

Grow your business in social media

Start enjoying today our social media amplification platform, no matter the size nor type of your business and events. With our solutions you'll be able to display tweets together with Twitter, Instagram and Facebook photos and YouTube videos and see your social media community and conversations grow automatically with no additional efforts.

In your business

"Yarr TV helps us to spread the content of our social networks."
Daniel García - Joy Eslava
Daniel García - Joy Eslava
Grow your business
Social media walls
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For your events

"Yarr TV connects the on and off-line activity of our events."
Ania Olarra - G+J
Ania Olarra - G+J
Boost your events
Social media walls
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Let's grow your social media!

With an experience of more than 15,000,000 Twitter tweets, pictures, GIFs and videos, 8,000,000 Instagram pictures and videos, 5,000,000 Facebook photos and 1,000,000 YouTube videos displayed in more than 5,000 Yarr TVs of more than 20 countries worldwide we can help you to boost your social media reach.
We develop solutions to amplify your social media, let's talk!
Rafa Roda
Rafa Roda - CEO of Yarr TV