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Our solutions help you to amplify your business in social media: social TVs, widgets, chats, contests and polls that will increase engagement in your social networks and make your business grow. Try Yarr TV Basic version for free and upgrade to Premium for advanced features such as contents filtering and moderation with custom designs.

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If you are you an agency or a freelancer managing social media for businesses or a digital signage integrator, we want to present you the benefits of working with Yarr TV, an innovative solution that will add value and business to your portfolio of solutions and services.
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With an experience of more than 15,000,000 Twitter tweets, pictures, GIFs and videos, 8,000,000 Instagram pictures and videos, 5,000,000 Facebook photos and 1,000,000 YouTube videos displayed in more than 5,000 Yarr TVs of more than 20 countries worldwide we can help you to improve the social media reach of your business.
We develop solutions for your business to be a success in social media, let's talk!
Rafa Roda
Rafa Roda - CEO of Yarr TV