Digital screens for hotels

Would you like to install digital screens in your hotel? With our digital signage solution based on your social media you can transform your televisions and projectors in few minutes to improve information and support to your customers.


Custom design

Show customized information on screen, with the ability to display several contents at the same time on multiple rows, multiple columns or in a grid.

Full moderation

You’ll be able to select tweets and photos to display, content by content, ensuring the maximum moderation before they are projected on screen.


Gamification and rankings

Built-in rankings feature so you can create a gamified experience to boost the participation your customers.


Let’s talk!

We develop solutions for your hotel to be a success in social media, let’s talk!
Rafa Roda
Rafa Roda – CEO of Yarr TV
Phone (+34) 629 436 321   Twitter @YarrTV

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