Social media TVs for hospitality

In Yarr TV we help hotels, restaurants and bars to grow their community and influence in social media by displaying multimedia content from Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube of their business and their customers through their screens.

Do you have experience in the hospitality industry in your region and willing to grow your business thanks to Yarr TV? We’re looking for:

  • Agencies and freelancers in digital marketing and social media: professionals managing social media of hospitality businesses.
  • Software and hardware technology providers for hospitality: professionals and companies installing software, audio and screens at venues.


  • London – United Kingdom
  • Paris – France
  • Berlin – Germany
  • Brussels – Belgium
  • Amsterdam – Netherlands
  • Milan – Italy



  • Tokyo – Japan
  • Mumbai – India
  • Jakarta – Indonesia
  • Bangkok – Thailand

Rest of the world

  • Sydney – Australia
  • Cape Town – South Africa

Yarr TV for hospitality

Discover in this presentation how Yarr TV can bring social media to the screens of venues.

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Let’s boost hospitality businesses in social media

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Rafa Roda – CEO of Yarr TV
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