5 social media ideas for fashion shows

Find in this post 5 social media ideas for your fashion show to make the most out of its online presence.

1. Choose a good hashtag

f you don’t have one yet, you must create a hashtag for your fashion show: #MyFashionShow, preferably followed by the year #MyFashionShow2015 (if 2015) or the number of the edition #MyFashionShow9 (if it is the ninth edition). In this brief word or set of words you should reflect your brand name to make it easier for users to mention you in their comments on social media. For details on how to create a good hashtag for your fashion show, take a look at this article.

2. Keep attendees informed

Use social media to monitor your fashion show, for example, clues about the participating brands, display the list of models and recruit participants to your sweepstakes and contests. Share schedules of the models’ castings and catwalks on Twitter, create an album with the best designs on Facebook, photograph all the participants at the photocall and upload them to Instagram… In short, share every single piece of information with your followers so they can better enjoy your event.

3. Involve attendees

Invite attendees to leave their stories and experiences in your social media. With a brief comment, a picture and even a short video, the essence of your fashion show will be shared and viewed by a large number of people.

4. Reuse attendees’ content

Use the content generated by attendees to create viral content. Collect this content, create an animated video based on the experience at your fashion show and show it on your YouTube channel. A viral video is a good element to spread a brand image closer and funnier; it reaches the customer through humor and emotions, inviting them to share it among their friends.

5. From virtual to real

Boost your online presence using offline media:



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