20 statistics about UGC that you can’t miss in 2020

The User Generated Content (UGC) is a powerful tool that every marketing department must have in mind. We don’t just say it, look…

Marketing has always been an activity highly influenced by trends. From time to time a new weapon appears to try to reach more people better. Sell more. Get new customers. Achieve loyalty from existing ones.

But there is something that has never changed, staying high in the ranking of priorities of marketing specialists: the recommendation between customers and users.

If someone recommends a product, talks about a service or show that experience, it has a greater impact than the sales arguments of a company. Because it is natural and relevant. It has high value. That is why we use success stories, reviews, influencers, photo contests on social networks, unboxings… These mechanisms have something in common, the user generated content (UGC), which has been revealed as one of the main attraction tools in marketing. The customers themselves, the users, talking about – and showing – your product or service.

Still not using the UGC in your campaigns, in your marketing strategy or in your communication channels? Read on to know why you should incorporate it NOW…

UGC statistics that will convince you

  1. 48% of buyers recognize that the content of other users is a good method to discover new products.
  2. User content  based online advertising gets 4 times more interactions than normal ads.
  3. Almost half of the marketing professionals believe that customer content humanizes the brand.
  4. The contents that users share, have a 28% higher engagement compared to corporate publications.
  5. User content increases the click-through rate of emails by 73%.
  6. 25% of the searches made in the world about the main companies, are related to the UGC.
  7. 84% of millennials recognize being influenced by the content of other users when making online purchases.
  8. Recurring visits to websites with User Generated Content are 20% higher.
  9. The time spent on page is 90% higher in webs with User Generated Content.
  10. 70% of consumers consider content generated by others and reviews before making a purchase.
  11. 64% of consumers actively search for user reviews or content before making a purchase decision.
  12. Employees are also users: the company’s messages from them are distributed 24 times more than if the brand does.
  13. 92% of consumers are more likely to trust a friend’s recommendation than branded content.
  14. 84% of Generation Z relies more on a brand that uses real customers in its ads.
  15. Of the 18 hours on average that a millennial uses to consume content in different media, 30% is UGC.
  16. Companies that share customer reviews on Twitter increase their traffic by 26%.
  17. 71% of shoppers feel more comfortable if they review opinions of other users before buying a product.
  18. Conversion rises by 29% on web pages that use user-generated content.
  19. Reviews on website can increase conversions up to 74%.
  20. The key is to combine strategies: engagement increases by 28% with a combination of user content and brand content.

Seize the moment. All companies want their customers or users to create content about their brand; but only 16% have a defined UGC strategy.

Create now a marketing and communication strategy to take advantage of user generated content. Tell your audience what you want them to share, up to 50% of users thank your tips. And save time and resources using Yarr TV, the tool you were looking for to attract, filter and viralize all that content.

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